• Tru-Slim 21\" LED Chrome Painting Light

Tru-Slim 21\" LED Chrome Painting Light

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Brand Cocoweb
The role of picture lighting in artistic design cannot be understated: inadequate art lighting abandons paintings in dull darkness, while over-eager art lights blind spectators and degrade the foundation of paints and primers. Artwork must be met with just the right amount of picture lighting that accents its intricacies without risking oversaturation, and thus has Cocoweb crafted its line of Tru-Slim Art Lights to fulfill this role: designed by artists to best highlight art, these picture lights bathe artwork in the Picture-Perfect™ light of our LED art lighting systems, while at the same time boasting an ultra-slim frame that does not distract from art. Minimalistic Design in Pursuit of Art Cocoweb’s line of Tru-Slim Picture lights were specially designed by artists to accent artwork without forcing upon spectators a distracting degree of ornamentation. The result is a frame of the slimmest design that measures at 21 inches across, a light well suited to illuminating medium-to-large sized portraits. In addition, this model features an ultramodern chrome finish, a shining metallic coat that befits the more contemporary side of art. Picture-Perfect™ LED Technology Balances Light and Preserves Artwork This muted design is, however, met by the power of Cocoweb’s Picture-Perfect™ LED technology. 12 individual LED nodes operate at 2700K color temperature, a whitish yellow hue that has the soft, natural feeling of the early morning sun. These LEDs are also evenly spaced so as to optimally balance light dispersal upon artwork, bringing fuller richness to reds and yellows while complementing the tones of blues and greens. In addition, LED light is completely safe on artwork, producing none of the ultraviolet light present in fluorescent bulbs and a fraction of the heat of halogen lights; the Tru-Slim will neither crack nor discolor paintings, accenting artwork in clean illumination. Unique Brightness Control Ensures Optimal Illumination Cocoweb’s Tru-Slim uses traditional AV power, plugging into any standard electrical outlet. However, unlike most picture lights, the Tru-Slim offers a unique level of control: with the included Cocoweb Dimmer, the light has an adjustable degree of brightness up to 420 lumens. This dimmer thus ensures one’s artwork always has the perfect amount of life to best complement its design. In addition, the Tru-Slim also offers dual mounting functionality: the picture light may be attached to walls with its included mounting brackets, but also supports insertion directly into the frame for more intimate lighting. Environmental Measures Protect the Earth Conscious of the pollution caused by rampant power consumption, the Tru-Slim’s LEDs are completely energy efficient: the pre-installed LED nodes last up to 20 years and use 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, amounting to savings in both the environment and one’s electric bill. And in further triumph over incandescent lighting, the Tru-Slim’s LEDs contain no mercury fillings that toxify the environment upon disposal; Cocoweb’s Tru-Slim Picture Light offers a safe and clean solution to art lighting, a beacon of enlightenment for artwork everywhere. *Dimmable with included Cocoweb Dimmer only **Not Compatible with Dimmable Wall Switches** Artistically Crafted —Designed by artists for elegance in art lighting Picture-Perfect™ LEDs —Pre-installed LED array composes art in warm, natural lighting Brightness Adjustability —Light levels adjust to best suit artwork with an exclusive Cocoweb Dimmer 20-Year Lifetime —Energy efficient Cocoweb LEDs last for over 50,000 hours Environmentally Friendly —Consumes 80% less energy than traditional art lighting fixtures Power Source: Plug-in adapter Material: Aluminum Listing: UL listed Bulb: Pre-installed LED array with 12 nodes Power Usage (Watts): 6 Color Temperature (K): 2700 Light Output (lumens): 420 Dimmable: Yes, included Switch: In-line on/off toggle; also controllable by dimmer Lighting: adjustable
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